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Cocoa butter
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Cocoa butter is the source of the fruit trees of the genus Theobroma. More recently, the tree belongs to the family sterculioideae, today it is the representative of Malvaceae. Homeland of the tree of chocolate - is the American tropics, his gifts appreciated were evaluated further by the Aztecs. At the present time the tree is cultivated in all countries with tropical climates, where it can bear fruit twice a year. When creating the 18th century, the classification of plants naturalist Carl Linnaeus assigned the tree, from whose fruit is prepared cocoa butter, called the "food of the gods."Cocoa tree trunk has a fairly high (6-12 meters), from its bark punched white-pink flowers. After some time, turn into florets slightly elongated fruit having a size of 25 to 30 centimeters. Fruit, melon-shaped, leathery shell covers, painted in yellow and red tones. The fruit pulp has almond-shaped seeds, whose length does not exceed 2.5 centimeters - and that they are of particular value. The fruit matures from 30 to 50 seeds. They consist of a shell, germ and embryonic nucleus. Taste of seeds tart and bitter, and the flavor and did not differ by something noticeable. Cocoa beans take the desired quality after processing.Fruits are carefully removed from the tree, divided into pieces and placed in special containers. After 2-3 days fermentation or fermentation begins: in the pulp contains large amounts of sugar, it is decomposed into components - ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. At this point of fermentation temperature increases to 50 ° C. As a result of this process, which lasts up to ten days, the seeds lose their bitterness, getting darker shade and aroma of chocolate.Then the beans are dried and packed in bags. Cocoa beans nearly 50% consist of fats, extracted from crushed seeds and abraded by hot pressing. Cocoa butter is passed through a heated filter that does not allow for solidification of the product, and then poured into molds.For typical chocolate flavor oil, and + 25 ° C it is in a solid state and melts at C + 33-36 °. oil color can be light brown, cream or have a light yellow tint. It is used in the cosmetic and medical sector, in the food and confectionery industry. Often expensive perfume soaps manufactured using deodorized cocoa butter.


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