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Recipes masks cocoa home

Recipes masks cocoa home


1. Mask of cocoa powder Ingredients: Cocoa powder Water Preparation: a tablespoon of cocoa powder carefully diluted with water to form a thick mixture without lumps. Active effect of the mask is maintained for 10 minutes. Face abundantly rinsed with water. Action: active nutrition and hydration. Such a mask of cocoa powder can be used for oily and dry skin. Overly dry skin can be pampered mask, where the water is replaced by milk.

2. Mask with butter cocoa Ingredients: Cocoa butter - 1 tsp Chamomile oil - 1 tsp Aloe juice - 1 tsp Fresh cucumber Preparation: cocoa butter Preheat a water bath to soften and mix with the oil of chamomile and aloe. Cucumber rub on a grater, add to the mixture. The resulting slurry was applied for half an hour, remove with warm water. Action: anti-inflammatory effect, smoothing of wrinkles and skin lightening. Masks with cocoa butter an excellent job with the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. Such procedures can get rid of stretch marks on the body and prevent their occurrence. Indications: skin irritation or fading.

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